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So, I want to make an AMV… what’s the plan?






Objective 1: Gain complete and absolute control over our source footage.
If we truly want to manipulate our footage the way we want, it helps if we know how to control things like framerate, interlacing, resolution, image/encode quality etc…




Objective 2: Get Audio AND Video into formats that are Editing-Friendly.
In this guide, the formats we will probably use are: Uncompressed .wav (for audio), and UtVideo within .avi (for video). The main advantages include:

– Faster Seek-Times for improved editing speed. This allows you to easily scrub the timeline and rearrange clips.
– Truly Frame-Accurate footage allows for precise cuts; important for timing.
– Improved Stability prevents glitches and program crashes…




Objective 3: Create the AMV that you want.
Because in the end, it doesn’t even matter♫ any advice you get is simply intended to help you create the AMV’s you want. Never let it turn them into something you don’t want. Remember, you are the creator of your AMV’s, regardless of who you are making them for, or what you are trying to achieve. Make what you want. And if you are happy with your work, that’s usually all that matters. That being said, I would still take the technical advise in this guide more seriously for the practical reasons mentioned above.



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