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Please DON’T do this…


1. So, I can just drag and drop my original footage into my editor right?
Well… you could do that… but it usually leads to more problems than it’s worth. I recommend converting to an editing-friendly format outlined in this guide so you have faster seeking-time, true frame-accuracy, and improved stability for less system crashes.


2. So, I can just drag and drop my original audio into my editor right?
see answer to #1


3. My DVD footage has a resolution of 720×480. It’s supposed to look like that.
No. DVD players stretch your footage during playback according to the AR (Aspect Ratio) of your DVD. If your footage is 4:3, it is stretched to a 4:3 resolution like 720×540, 640×480, etc. If your footage is 16:9, it is stretched to a 16:9 resolution like ~854×480, 1280×720, etc. You need to make sure your footage is stretched to the correct Aspect Ratio.


4. My DVD footage has a framerate of 29.97fps. It’s supposed be like that.
Maybe, but probably not. Most animation is done at 23.976fps , with lot’s of those frames being duplicates to begin with. In rare cases, your footage will be true 29.97fps, but in all likelihood your footage was just converted to 29.97fps to meet DVD standards. This means your footage probably has interlacing or extra duplicates added. If you don’t fix this, it could lead to a number of problems like jerky motion, and ugly frames.


5. When I’m done my AMV, I just export/compress with my editing program.
Even if your program is capable of doing this, you can get much better results if you export as Uncompressed first, then compress with another program afterwards (like Zarx264gui). You generally get better quality and smaller filesizes.


6. I want to have clean footage, so I’m going to use filters to anti-alias, remove grain, smooth, and derainbow etc. That way I am guaranteed to get the best quality, right?
Bad idea. Only use a filter if your footage actually has the defect you want to remove. Too many filters can make your footage look worse. So you don’t want to use them unless you have to.


7. I’ll just use my program’s default settings. It knows what’s best for me right?
Your program can easily get things wrong, like framerate, resolution, aspect ratio etc… it is best to set these yourself; both your movie properties, and export settings.


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