This guide is intended to outline a reliable video production method, known for years, to produce some of the best looking and sounding AMV’s around. It is based off the more in-depth A/V Tech Guides but organized in such a way that allows varying degrees of detail to be shown– for those that want to know EVERYTHING, and for those that just want to know THE BASICS.

Real quickly, I would like to extend my graditude to anyone who worked on the guides mentioned above, and all the folks in the Video Help Forum on the Org. Without you, I wouldn’t have a strong enough foundation to write this guide 😛

But I’m getting ahead of myself– as a fallback plan, I will also try to provide links to the corresponding section(s) in the AVTech guide and other information relevant to each topic.

I hope you find this guide useful!
Enjoy the hobby ^_^
Peace Out.

Chris Studer
Friendly Neighbourhood Phantasmagoriat
Pwning AMVs Since 2006

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